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What to expect on your first visit

The initial exam will last approximately one hour. Oral hygiene instructions will be provided by our staff, along with suggestions to help you care for your child’s teeth. In most cases, we will also clean your child’s teeth on this first visit and provide an evaluation that will outline your existing dental problems and proposed treatment. Our doctors are pediatric dentists, meaning they have additional training in caring for children’s oral health. Much of your initial exam will be dependent on your child’s age, needs, and comfort level.

Prior to your first visit, please click the button below to access the ‘New Patient’ form. To save you time on your visit, please print and fill out these forms prior to your arrival.

Little girl getting ready for her first visit to dentist

When Should Your Child Visit Us

According to the AAPD, your child’s visit should be around his or her first birthday. Primary teeth (baby teeth) are very important even though they will be lost. Proper chewing and eating, space and positioning, and jaw bone development are all dependent on primary teeth.

Preparing Your Child for Their Visit

For an enjoyable and comfortable visit, it’s best not to use any concerning or fearful words regarding the visit. Let them understand that it should be a pleasant visit where the dentist will explain what’s going on and answer any questions.